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WiFi that works

At a glance our installations enables our customers to move freely around in their office, restaurant, hotel, boutique, apartment or house without fear of losing connection.

This is possible because their devices seamlessly will connect to the nearest Access Point whether there are 2 or 200 such Access Points in the installation.

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Our guest networks are completely segregated from any private networks in the installations. This enables doctors, restaurants and others to offer their clients or guests WiFi without exposing their valuable digital assets on their private networks.

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Guests and vouchers

Zuerisee Connect offers a WiFi Voucher System to generate and print tickets with codes that gives time limited internet access to guests or children.

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Built in Access Points

Our network engineers always go the extra mile to avoid visible cabling.

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Outdoor Access Points

Zuerisee Connect installs outdoor Access Points that can resist the tough Swiss weather all year round.

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Remote locations

Zuerisee Connect designs and installs customized WiFi networks for remote locations, up to 25 km from the base, where cabling is challenging or impossible such as construction sites or Alpine chalets.

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Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT)

We are excited to offer our support in understanding your vision of living wirelessly and will help you select and install the right solutions for you. We install cameras, fire alarms, music systems and much more.

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