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Guests and vouchers

The built-in hot-spot manager can generate vouchers to manage guests or even children’s access if so desired.

Secure guest network

Even though our guest access is safely separated from your private networks it is good practice not to give any guest internet access in all eternity. It is much preferred to only grant guest access for a limited amount of time. If you have a visitor in your office, for a few days, you can give him a voucher that automatically runs out a week after his first login.

The vouchers can easily be managed by any person in your office since there are no further actions required, by your IT department, to keep your list of allowed users relevant and up to date.

Many parents are concerned about their children’s digital media consumption. Our WiFi Voucher System places control of your child’s WiFi access in your hands.

Guest access can also be bandwidth limited so no single guest can block your entire internet connection.

The guest portal can be customized with relevant content, information and branding for your company, restaurant or family etc.