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WiFi that works

Stable and fast WiFi anywhere in your office, restaurant, hotel, boutique or apartment or house.

We offer professional WiFi for everyone who wants more than can be done with a standard WiFi router.

Our network engineers installs multiple collaborating Access Points, to create one large and stable hotspot in your business or home. No matter how many Access Points is necessary to cover your premises you will experience just one big WiFi area.

Before and after

A typical transformation of a simple network in a private home with Swisscom TV. Before the transformation there was only acceptaple coverage on the top floor.

After the installation of the Zuerisee equipment (marked in blue) with 4 access points there is robust, fast and safe WiFi coverage in the entire house.

Installation example: 4 access points, network center, planning, configuration and installation.

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Always wired Access Points if possible

Unlike many consumer solutions our Access Points are connected with Gigabit network cables where ever possible. In most projects we can use the existing conduit pipes and ducts. We only configure our Access Points as mesh networks or uplinks when it is impossible to pull a network cable to the desired location.

What is so great about it?

Yes - it works!

Modern Swiss houses in concrete and steel are very challenging to cover with WiFi but our WiFi Access Points works in collaboration to create one big WiFi network so you always are online everywhere on your premises.

Seamless and automatic "roaming" between Access Points makes it possible to get error free video streaming, VPN and VoIP telephony. No more fiddling around to select the nearest of your hotspots. Simply move around without interruptions.