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Installer of professional-grade, WiFi networks for businesses and homes.


Another access point installed without visible cables.

Our professional systems provide the following benefits over consumer solutions:

Installation example

Installation example with 4 access points.

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Finally we have WiFi that simply works everywhere in our house.

We had already tried with 5 normal WiFi routers but it never worked reliably, so we decided to up the game with a professional installation from Zuerisee Connect.

WiFi is no longer something we talk about because now it just works.

Chris Öhlund, Managing Director


Zuerisee Connect designs and installs customized WiFi networks for remote locations where cabling is challenging or impossible such as construction sites or Alpine chalets.

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Use cases


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Zuerisee Connect offers all our clients fast and efficient service and support, both remotely and on-site, to ensure that you remain connected at all times.

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